Imperfection – the new perfection

Perfection: Something way too many people spend time stressing over and striving for, but what is perfection and why do we work so hard to achieve it?

In truth, imperfection is perfection in its truest form because when you get right down to it there really is no such thing as perfect.

There is only the best, being the very best you can be and always striving to beat your last best.

Perfect is what you make it and people are realizing that we all have flaws and we should embrace them as part of who we are.

Why perfection is not reality?

There really isn’t any such thing as perfection as we are all made different.  It is simply something that looms over us all. A belief that we should be flawless. Our fear of inadequacy leads to these insecurities.

Once we have accepted that we all have flaws and that it’s normal, the truth is that perfection simply doesn’t exist.

Being imperfect is perfectly human
We all have flaws and recognizing this can be the difference between happiness and fulfillment or feeling insecure.

You are not alone
When you realize that others out there might be going through the same thing as you it motivates us to do better, be better, keep going, and that you are going to make it.

Perfect is so boring
The best moments in life occur when we are trying to overcome obstacles and succeed in doing so. If everything is “perfect” we have nothing to strive for. Embrace the imperfect.

We need the bad to accept the good
If nothing bad ever happened to us how would we know the joy when good things come our way. We would be a world full of ungrateful people who don’t appreciate the effort and work put into something because everything would be too easy.

Imperfection jolts us towards greatness
When we find that we aren’t very good at something, it makes us want to get better. It makes us set goals, and work harder.

Imperfection allows room for growth
Imagine if everything you did you excelled at on the first try, eventually, you would stop trying anything new because every outcome would be the same. Without challenge, there is no growth and growth is what we need in life to be completely fulfilled.

When you accept imperfection as perfection you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to succeed.
You take away the pressure and the stress. You gain the ability to focus on the goals and tasks at hand without the voice in your head telling you You’re not good enough.

Imperfection is real. Perfection is not.
Our world was built off mistakes and trial and error, without them some of our greatest discoveries may have never been made.
Keep going, never quit, and continue to be perfectly imperfect.