11 Easy Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Are you ready to take advantage of the festive mood and embrace holiday marketing? According to the Forbes, consumers report feeling nostalgic, cheerful, and more willing to purchase around the holidays. Use these 11 easy tips to make your brand a source of happiness this season.

1. Build Anticipation

Recall the delight of an Advent Calendar or the nightly menorah lighting as a child? It gave you a daily reminder of the season and something to anticipate. The same goes when you offer various daily holiday promotions, countdowns on social media, and other related tactics. Utilize the season to build anticipation for your product.

2. Tap Into Nostalgia

The holidays are a time people love to slow down and reminisce about childhood holiday traditions. Reference classic themes, retro toys, nostalgic imagery, and sentimental themes. The association of these references with your brand will build a sense of warmth and fondness in your audience.

3. Gifts are an Exponential Marketing Opportunity

Considering a holiday gift directly touches two individuals, a gift is an exponential advertising opportunity. An outstanding gift experience is paramount, so invest in beautiful packaging, products, and memorable messaging in your holiday products. 

4. Design a Gift Guide For Your Products (or Related Products)

Make sure the focus is on the gift recipient. Get creative and personalize specific gift guides that target individuals such as “the workout queen”, “the bookworm”, or “the tech-savvy hipster”.

5. Holiday Hacks

The holidays can be stressful. Post and share content about solutions that can make your viewer’s lives easier.

6. Plan Ahead

Prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule them throughout the holiday season. This will ensure your content is well thought out, continual, and you never miss an opportunity.

7. Decorate On Social Media

Add a holiday-themed image to your social media profile or cover photos. This will show up in your audience’s newsfeed and also demonstrate your company’s spirit

8. Interact

Engage with fans and followers and invite them to share their favorite holiday memories or photos with your product. This will be a chance to demonstrate an interest in them and for interaction.

9. It’s Not Just About Christmas

While a large number of people in the U.S. celebrate Christmas, non-Christian holidays are too often disregarded, thus leading to the exclusion of some followers and you missing out on marketing opportunities. Depending on your consumers, consider Hanukkah (Jewish), Kwanzaa (African-American), the Winter Solstice (for Pagans), Diwali (Hindu), and the Chinese New Year.

10. Immerse Your Senses

Utilize sensory language. The holidays are a time of savory dinners, tasty desserts, aromatic candles, fuzzy blankets, cozy homes, warm fires, and joyful music. Allude to these elements to give your audience a more memorable experience with your content

11. Personalize

During the holidays, consumers are constantly flooded with the same marketing messages everywhere. Steer clear of cliché holiday emails to avoid being tuned out. Focus on sending promotions that are personalized and relevant based on data covering products individuals have browsed or predicted purchase behavior.