Undervaluing Design in your Marketing Strategy: Big Mistake

With all of the talk in recent years about digital marketing, SEO and online presence, it’s no wonder that design has taken a backseat in the communications and marketing realm. BIG MISTAKE. While digital marketing is an incredibly powerful strategy for reaching large audiences, without excellent design, consumers will be less apt to engage with your brand. Instead, TBI recommends that you look at a holistic marketing approach – combining solid design, traditional advertising and digital media into one potent symbiotic campaign.

Why Design Matters

Brand Awareness

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great logo is worth millions. Why? Because good design transforms and transcends a complex idea into a neat, easily digested image that effectively conveys your message, representing the essence of your unique organization

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

First impressions can either make or break a person, and the same goes for brands, too. While the impression may be subliminal, a great logo makes a person want to act. At TBI, our number one priority is to make your targeted audience act positively and to reach audiences that may not know they need your product or service.

Competitor Envy

Great design not only increases your audience and engagement, it also differentiates you from your competitors – a good thing when you have several direct competitors vying for the same customers you are. Good logo and overall branding design makes you look reputable, instilling trust and the desire for people to do business with you.

Marketing Reach

So, your company has invested in a digital media strategy and online advertising campaign – congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in reaching more customers than you ever thought possible. But – and this is important – if your logo is subpar or doesn’t effectively represent your brand, you may not convey the message you want to your target audience. Spending a bit more time and money on a holistic branding approach will definitely pay off for you, your organization and your audience.

Tell It

Take your business or organization to the next level and expand your audience reach with the power of design, digital media and good content strategy, TBI can help. Our comprehensive approach to branding, marketing and advertising combined with our professional team of designers, digital media strategists, content specialists and videographers bring your story to life. We’ll reach and engage a world of audiences on a variety of platforms, ensuring that your brand tells a strong, clear message.