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Google made a giant change today that could effect your businesses

Today Google is making a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone. The algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly websites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize or are “responsive” to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on) and ranking […]

Invest in a Great Website

You just worked your rear end off for the last 12 months. Creating your product. Having samples made. Ordering 1 million of them because that’s the factory’s minimum. You had someone in Indonesia create a slick logo for you. You set up your UPS account. You’ve rolled up your sleeves and you’re ready to get started […]

The Most Important Change You Can Make to Prepare for 2020

If you’re in business today, it’s critical to become a visionary. Leaders who fail to anticipate the trends that will transform business down the road put themselves at a distinct disadvantage–one that could eventually become fatal for the company. Yet with the rapid-fire pace of constant change taking place in relation to work, innovation, and […]

What to Consider When Trying to Market on Social Media

If the last decade has shown us anything, it’s that social media is here to stay. As it continues to evolve, it can be difficult for startups and entrepreneurs to determine where to focus their marketing efforts. While there are certainly many options out there when it comes to social media marketing, there is no need […]

Listening: The Forgotten Business Tool for Amazing Success

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have when it comes to business and leadership. We listen to learn. We listen to stay informed. We listen to understand. We listen to gain information. We listen to acquire knowledge. We listen to obtain wisdom. Given all the listening we do, you would think […]

Indented Quotes and Images – beautiful

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